Look to replicate Pt. I


From the October 2006 of Elle I just received yesterday, the 18th (NYC newstands get it before me. Hello, ELLE, REFUND?).

I digress, I am in love with this simple, yet polished look in a Salvatore Ferragamo ad in the 23948232 pages of ads.


The part that I love the most are the tights (footed = leggings, no?). A look I can totally pull off with a long, vintage sweater or a sweater dress from H&M (looks like their usual designs). I would probably finish the look with a pair of wedges or d’orsay pumps the same. I can’t see this as practical for subway hopping though.


2 responses to “Look to replicate Pt. I

  1. Love this! Looking forward to part 2, 3, 4 ,5…. 🙂

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