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I know this style is 2 years late, but I prefer not to wear trends at the height of the craziness. Of course Miucca would be the one to bring back a vintage style. I love hats and headwear in general, so naturally the Prada headband that started the craze would appeal to me. Originally selling for $300 two years ago, I think it would be so easy to make myself, and it will be my sewing project. So I found a pattern and plan to try to do and perhaps sell some on etsy. This is before my mom demonstrated how I could tie some simple neck scarves that way. However, I want the want with the elastic in the back like the one Miucca designed:




This designer has one (that is sewn around a hard headband) for $80!

Check out this version made from the


Some very lucky lady acquires the Prada headband for 90% off! Century 21 here I come!

A page on scarves/headwraps

Hair Flair

Buzzfeed: The Turban

ShopDiary: Would you wear a turban?

Knit headband

My mom actually sent me this in an email, naturally she reads the french version of the site. Wonderful french blog.

I’m back! Most fashion blogs nowadays annoy me but I’ve been itching to post stuff. So for now I will be posting periodically again!

Love It (Look to Replicate pt. 1 continued)

These Missoni ads just make me want to strut around town in mini dresses, tights, and heels.




This week’s beautiful weather in NYC is perfectly suiting.

Reminder to self

I have legs like Zoe’s, don’t really wear skirts and dresses much.

Mine may be a bit too chicken legged though.

This picture makes me want to wear dresses full time (even in the cold!) with darling heels.


I love this look on Nicole, simple yet elegant. Scrappy vest thing and scarf, looks great!

Must start to wear more scarves (aside from outside of my coat!).

Look to replicate Pt. II

Last week when I went out, I had an outfit similar to this:

Except it was black skinny jeans with a black strapless bodysuit and belted hip-length brown cardigan on top. I kept thinking about the one thing that would make my outfit killer. Still somehow got lots of compliments though.

I’ve been wanting to buy this in a solid color from my previous place of employment to wear on a night out. Simple but sexy!

and maybe



Look to replicate Pt. I


From the October 2006 of Elle I just received yesterday, the 18th (NYC newstands get it before me. Hello, ELLE, REFUND?).

I digress, I am in love with this simple, yet polished look in a Salvatore Ferragamo ad in the 23948232 pages of ads.


The part that I love the most are the tights (footed = leggings, no?). A look I can totally pull off with a long, vintage sweater or a sweater dress from H&M (looks like their usual designs). I would probably finish the look with a pair of wedges or d’orsay pumps the same. I can’t see this as practical for subway hopping though.