I know this style is 2 years late, but I prefer not to wear trends at the height of the craziness. Of course Miucca would be the one to bring back a vintage style. I love hats and headwear in general, so naturally the Prada headband that started the craze would appeal to me. Originally selling for $300 two years ago, I think it would be so easy to make myself, and it will be my sewing project. So I found a pattern and plan to try to do and perhaps sell some on etsy. This is before my mom demonstrated how I could tie some simple neck scarves that way. However, I want the want with the elastic in the back like the one Miucca designed:




This designer has one (that is sewn around a hard headband) for $80!

Check out this version made from the


Some very lucky lady acquires the Prada headband for 90% off! Century 21 here I come!

A page on scarves/headwraps

Hair Flair

Buzzfeed: The Turban

ShopDiary: Would you wear a turban?


One response to “Turbanband

  1. hey! the outlet is in central valley, ny. I got the last pink one – they did have a maroon one but there is like a stitch that has come undone i think which makes it way too big to wear as a headband. maybe it’s fixable? I remember picking it up and thinking it was a belt. You could try calling the store! it’s either listed as prada, miu miu or Space at the chelsea premium outlets. Best of luck!

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