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A bit pricey

for shorts but I love these! I must must must have them or find a cheaper version

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Solid Black 1940’s 1950’s High Waisted Ginger Shorts


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Get Into It! (Agenda)

My Spring Agenda, which won’t be as complete as my past Fall Agenda.

  • High waisted, wide-legged pants! Particularly in bright, juicy colors.


To be worn with heels, for maximum sophistication. I can’t stress enough how they are coming back! I can only hope this high waisted trend I am seeing (and been craving) at stores will produce some WIDER legs, soon. I am only seeing really tapered cuts which are fine, but this whole mass producing the 80’s look is going to produce some serious fashion mishaps for those that don’t know any better. Moving on.

  • Rompers! (Jumpers fall under here too)


I have some rompers, that I have bought at thrift stores that are more than 3 years old. They haven’t had the chance to be worn yet but I will pop them out this summer. Some stores, labels, and designers are offering romper styles this spring and summer, with more modern, flattering cuts. One example, that I love is the one being offered here. And with that follows…


With heels, of course, 3 inches and higher. As well as with the rompers, I have some jumpsuits I have thrifted. One of which is so short that I had plans to turn it into a jumper, 2 years ago. Note to self, get on it.

  • Culottes!


You know, looks like a skirt but are totally pants, to the knees. Preferrably in an overalls style, slightly fitted at the hips. To be worn with tights, naturally.

  • 50’s Style Swimsuits


I have wanted one forever! I guess I will just have to buy an authentic one.


  • Platforms


I have tried to avoid it, but after buying a pair of woven t-strap sandals with a light platform front I’m into it!

  • More Pencil skirts!

I just don’t have enough! This should be a staple in every woman’s closet!

  • More dresses


Light, airy and bright!

  • More Tights


You can never own too many pairs!

To be updated.

Trapeze Artist

Another two month overdue post: my obsession with filling up my closet with tent & trapeze style dresses.

Of course wearing them with brightly colored tights.




I have been unsuccessful at winning any ebay auctions for vintage trapeze dresses.  It could only mean that this look will self destruct soon and be everywhere.

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Wide Leg pants

They are coming back and I am okay with it!

Ironic how I found this editorial of Kate Moss from more than 5 years ago.

I was supposed to blog about this two months ago,


How sexy is this look? Granted it’s a jumpsuit but yowza!

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Two newest additions

to my wardrobe. Both of which I have been raving about on here for months!



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