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Shoe Dilemma

As I have said before, three years ago, I am a SUCKER for coned heels. Since I didn’t end up getting the other shoes,, I am having a dilemma:

I say #1 though they are $18 more. But I would imagine 2 would look SO good on. I want both though. Decisions!

#1 reminds me of the Balenciaga hoof boots, which I have no idea how i am fascinated by them.  I wish I had caught the VS Sam Eldeman knockoffs in time (and would’ve made $$$ on ebay while at it).


November Shoe Update #1

I’m back, temporarily left my mind.

I had saved a bunch of images for the past two months that I wanted to write about.

I really want these Fornarina shoes, but they are way beyond my budget. Christmas IS around the corner!



They are the strapped version of the round-toed coned heel pumps I have been dreaming about for months!

However, I’d totally settle for these at $47.50:


TOO BAD doesn’t ship shoes to the US. :[

I am also sort of digging these bootsies.


I like the latter better, although a bit pointy.

I also fell upon these WAY overpriced boots a while back, but I cannot find the link.


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