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Shoe Dilemma

As I have said before, three years ago, I am a SUCKER for coned heels. Since I didn’t end up getting the other shoes,, I am having a dilemma:

I say #1 though they are $18 more. But I would imagine 2 would look SO good on. I want both though. Decisions!

#1 reminds me of the Balenciaga hoof boots, which I have no idea how i am fascinated by them.  I wish I had caught the VS Sam Eldeman knockoffs in time (and would’ve made $$$ on ebay while at it).


Oak 60% off

Oak is having a 60% off sale, it was originally a 5060 sale but now some things have been further reduced. $76:dolbab_large


My best friend was saying she wasn’t sure about these Dolce Vita shoes regarding the peeptoes: “Are you a sandal or a shoe?” But I love them, as I am a SUCKER for cone shaped heels. Oh well, I am not sure that the 7.5 will fit! They don’t look very comfortable.

So I think I will opt for these Nine West platform peeptoe slingbacks, as they look more comfortable though they stand at 4 3/4″ tall.



And they cost $27.99 after free shipping and an additional 30% off!

Two newest additions

to my wardrobe. Both of which I have been raving about on here for months!



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I forgot about Nine West

These blue metallic ballet flats are $29.50.


I’ll have to go try them on at the store to ensure that they are comfy.

Look to replicate Pt. II

Last week when I went out, I had an outfit similar to this:

Except it was black skinny jeans with a black strapless bodysuit and belted hip-length brown cardigan on top. I kept thinking about the one thing that would make my outfit killer. Still somehow got lots of compliments though.

I’ve been wanting to buy this in a solid color from my previous place of employment to wear on a night out. Simple but sexy!

and maybe



Good News!

The shoes I am currently obsessing over are on!


They are still more than at and JUST TODAY they went on sale $30 down! I am sure I could eat $144.40 but I can’t have it shipped to me anyway and I’m sure the price will go down at asos!!


Currently drooling on my keyboard, making pretend they will make all my problems go away.

O B S S E S S E D !

November Shoe Update #1

I’m back, temporarily left my mind.

I had saved a bunch of images for the past two months that I wanted to write about.

I really want these Fornarina shoes, but they are way beyond my budget. Christmas IS around the corner!



They are the strapped version of the round-toed coned heel pumps I have been dreaming about for months!

However, I’d totally settle for these at $47.50:


TOO BAD doesn’t ship shoes to the US. :[

I am also sort of digging these bootsies.


I like the latter better, although a bit pointy.

I also fell upon these WAY overpriced boots a while back, but I cannot find the link.


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