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Bold Rings



This is a vintage Kim Craftsmen art deco ring from the 1960’s. I got it from one of my favorite costume jewelry sellers on eBay. They have a variety of deadstock awesome jewelry from all decades. I’ve been shopping with them for five years now!

Excellent customer service and speedy shipping!

eBay store: Raefield Jewelry Designs

Website: AJ Raefields


Two newest additions

to my wardrobe. Both of which I have been raving about on here for months!



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Sweet Sweet Grecian

Saw this in some mailout thing from Macy’s.

Silver grecian OC by Oleg Cassini dress $169.



I would buy this for $169 and I’d wear it with the black patent mary janes I’ve been obsessing/dreaming about. Also with the ring I nearly died when I found out it was sold out, now that it’s back in stock!

Okay maybe I wouldn’t buy it for that price, because the top straps literally look like they were made from a plastic shopping bag, or duct tape.

I am so sad

it is gone!



Well, finally

Two years ago I made a livejournal (har har) post about a rectangular black onyx ring I wanted. I couldn’t find it anywhere, in gold (not silver).

NOW Urban Outfitters of all places has one, though multi-faceted. They’re not in the stores yet but I NEED THIS RING.



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