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Oak 60% off

Oak is having a 60% off sale, it was originally a 5060 sale but now some things have been further reduced. $76:dolbab_large


My best friend was saying she wasn’t sure about these Dolce Vita shoes regarding the peeptoes: “Are you a sandal or a shoe?” But I love them, as I am a SUCKER for cone shaped heels. Oh well, I am not sure that the 7.5 will fit! They don’t look very comfortable.

So I think I will opt for these Nine West platform peeptoe slingbacks, as they look more comfortable though they stand at 4 3/4″ tall.



And they cost $27.99 after free shipping and an additional 30% off!


I forgot about Nine West

These blue metallic ballet flats are $29.50.


I’ll have to go try them on at the store to ensure that they are comfy.

Forever Fug

Forever21 has been spewing out garbage lately. The last few times I went in there I saw nothing but junk. I did buy a cute plaid button shirt thingy that later shrunk, but that is it! That’s all I tried on! I usually try on tons of stuff. The time before that I bought a hat and a hair clip! Sad state of affairs.

Haste makes waste!

Prime example:

I like to call this Roadkill vest Mess


It would be absolutely cute if it wasn’t for that rat’s nest on the collar. GAH!

This plaid vest is alright, save for the cocker spaniel around the hood.



Everyone is doing the plaid vest thing though.

I am not sure how I feel about this trench, I saw it in the store in black and wasn’t pleased. However in beige…


Okay I am liking this trench coat more and more! Mostly because of the details on the back. I’d replace the buttons with brown tortoise ones. I might order it, although it is currently freezing in NYC! Once the cocktails are out of me of course, because it still does look cheap!

Come to think of it I DID see a girl waiting for the L train about a month ago that was wearing this very coat. I wanted to ask her where she got it but didn’t.

Hello pretty coat I can’t wear during winter!

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Just ordered this vest…

from Forever21. Yes, I’m back & yes I am obsessed with that store. Last month, I would go in at 11am when they opened.

Anyway….they had it last month at the store, but only 2 or 3 came in. Got this one online.



Not crazy about the weird furry white thing around the neck but for $27.80 ($31 after shipping/discount), it’s pretty freakin’ stylish.

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Urban Outfitters & Forever 21 identical dresses


While looking at my urbn wishlist, I noticed that the too large Forever21 dress is the EXACT same dress as the “Lux Voile Tank Frock Dress” that I had placed there months ago, when I had the discount.

TOO BAD IT DOESN’T FIT. It’s no wonder URBN has the X-SMALL, SAME DRESS!!!



$22.80 > $58.00


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EDIT: I’ve listed the dress on ebay, contact me if you want the link.

What is to come for Forever 21


WOW, they really have been getting better and better. While surfing the website, I noticed the new pictures put up as headers. They usually put them up before the items are sold. I suppose in August they will start selling fall items, they have already started with a couple of things.








I will be watching the website like a hawk….especially for the last coat.


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Image3 Image1

I am convinced that everything I order on is cut too large. BOTH did not fit like a small, but a medium! I do not have this problem when I go to their stores.

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