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Knit headband

My mom actually sent me this in an email, naturally she reads the french version of the site. Wonderful french blog.

I’m back! Most fashion blogs nowadays annoy me but I’ve been itching to post stuff. So for now I will be posting periodically again!



The other day I was thinking about how I bet this look is coming back and that I should probably write in here about it.

Just now I saw one on forever21’s website for sale.

Go figure.
I’m not sure I’d rock this look.

Two newest additions

to my wardrobe. Both of which I have been raving about on here for months!



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Reminder to self

I have legs like Zoe’s, don’t really wear skirts and dresses much.

Mine may be a bit too chicken legged though.

This picture makes me want to wear dresses full time (even in the cold!) with darling heels.


I love this look on Nicole, simple yet elegant. Scrappy vest thing and scarf, looks great!

Must start to wear more scarves (aside from outside of my coat!).

Look to replicate Pt. II

Last week when I went out, I had an outfit similar to this:

Except it was black skinny jeans with a black strapless bodysuit and belted hip-length brown cardigan on top. I kept thinking about the one thing that would make my outfit killer. Still somehow got lots of compliments though.

I’ve been wanting to buy this in a solid color from my previous place of employment to wear on a night out. Simple but sexy!

and maybe



I am so sad

it is gone!



Well, finally

Two years ago I made a livejournal (har har) post about a rectangular black onyx ring I wanted. I couldn’t find it anywhere, in gold (not silver).

NOW Urban Outfitters of all places has one, though multi-faceted. They’re not in the stores yet but I NEED THIS RING.



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